Aseem Suri

Indian American multimedia producer Aseem Suri recently joined New York’s prominent Irene Mamiye Studios. ( photo)

Indian American multimedia producer Aseem Suri, a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology and Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass., has just landed a plum position in the multimedia world.

The Boston-based producer has joined New York’s prominent Irene Mamiye Studios – owned by renowned French American artist Irene Mamiye – as the leading multimedia producer, reports the Hindustan Times. Mamiye works with the intersections of photography, sculpture, video and new media.

Mamiye, whose works have been displayed at CBS Television, Calvin Klein, New York, National September 11 Memorial and Museum, and Sumitomo Corporation of America Headquarters, among others, invited Suri, said the report.

“I’m working on some very interesting pieces at Irene’s studio. Adapting and extending from her vast body of work, the medium and role definitions keep changing based on the intent of the piece, so while in one project I might be working with sound, in another I’d be working with motion sensing and 3D modelled scenes. This fluidity makes the work all the more exciting,” Suri was quoted as saying by the Indian publication.

The New Delhi native earned a degree in mechanical engineering from IIT and worked as a management consultant before turning his attention to the art world. He gained admission into Berklee College of Music and majored in electronic production and design and professional music with a minor in creative writing. Fusing these disciplines of learning, he explains on his website, “his work is geared as social commentary manifested by the synthesis of art and science, affect and intent.”

His personal installation work, he explains, focuses on “cerebral themes such as identity, and control.” With his interactive multimedia installations, he programs difficult and complex topics into fun interactive environments that invite the viewer to play now, and ponder on the themes after.

From designing custom instruments to building hardware for installations to writing software to sense touch, presence, movement, trigger lights, sounds and visuals to performing multimedia shows, Suri has worked in a multitude of domains.

His first project for Irene Mamiye Studios, he told the Hindustan Times, is an “interactive multimedia piece, ‘I Hear You.’” He is aiming to recreate audio surveillance into an immersive ecological tapestry for the gallery setting, he said. “I Hear You” will be displayed at Harvestworks exhibition on Governor’s Island in New York.

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