V. Unbeatable, an Indian dance group from Mumbai that is competing on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” advanced to the live shows after it won a Golden Buzzer July 23 night. (YouTube screenshot)

They are indeed unbeatable. V. Unbeatable, a group of young girls and boys from the slums of Mumbai who have worked their way up through sheer talent and tons of hard work, are finally getting their due. And not just in India but on a global platform.

After an exhilarating performance July 23 night on season 14 of “America’s Got Talent,” the 29-member dance team won the coveted ‘Golden Buzzer.’ The team will now head straight to the live shows in Hollywood.

The acrobat dance group, which took everyone’s breath away with their mind-blowing stunts in their debut performance, returned to deliver yet another stirring and dramatic performance.

“We are practicing really hard,” one of the members says in the video before their performance. “We want to do something that they’ve never done.”

But this time, through their daring act, they also honored their late friend and a member of the team, Vikas. Each dancer wore a shirt with the name ‘Vikas’ emblazoned across it.

“We are here to fulfill the dream of Vikas. Six years ago, we were doing rehearsals and suddenly an incident happened,” one of the dancers explained to the judges before their performance. “He fell down and his body was paralyzed. After a few weeks he passed away. His dream was to be on this stage.”

The group comprising dancers ages 12 to 27 combined incredible acrobatic skills like jumps and flips and energetic dance moves to deliver a jaw-dropping performance on “Tattad Tattad” from the film, “Bajirao Mastani.”

“Wow! Wow! Wow! There was so much power. Obviously, the tricks and the riskiness. Some people are dancers, some are acrobats. You have a combination of both,” said judge Julianne Hough. “You should be very proud.”

Guest judge and former NBA champion Dwyane Wade sat with wife Gabrielle Union, also a judge on the show.

“My heart is beating at a rapid pace that I haven’t felt before,” Wade said. “As a former athlete, it’s (29) of you guys on that stage… I know the practice time it takes. I know the sacrifice it takes. Whenever I hit a big shot, whenever I hit a game winner … I jumped up on the stand and I said, ‘This is my house.’ And today, on this stage, this is y’all house.”

Wade went on to press the Golden Buzzer, inviting loud cheers and celebration from V. Unbeatable and audience members.

“Hi everyone, first of all we want to thank all the lovely people for believing in us and supporting us,” the group later posted on their Facebook page. “We still can’t believe that it happened with us, from slums to the stage of dreams #AMERICASGOTTALENT really it’s like our dream come true...And thank you so much @dwyanewade Sir for pressing that golden buzzer for us.”

Watch V. Unbeatable’s Golden Buzzer-worthy performance here:

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