MUMBAI — After setting a world record in Swacch Bharat Mission and making Mumbai citizen clean 85 hectares of forests, setting the alarm for world environment, getting applauded by the United Nations, getting featured in Limca Book of Records 2019 and appreciated by the Government of India, Sarthi Gupta now presents “Noor.” T-Series has released this music video on “Kashmir Ghar Vapsi.”

So what is special about the video? Though this video is based on Kashmiri Pandits, this film is majorly supported by Muslims. Lead main singer Ahmed Shaad Safwi and many Muslims from the film fraternity have dedicatedly worked towards making this video possible. More than 500 Kashmiris and Himachalis have been associated and will be seen in the film as well.

At 25, Gupta is known for bringing the world together with his joint initiatives and social movements. After attracting thousands of citizens in the jungle to clear plastic and making Indian forests clean, and removing 8000 tons of garbage from the forests which is equivalent to 800 truckloads of it, he has set his eyes upon this message film.

Gupta, the director, believes this is the best time to set the message across to the world, that no matter which religion a citizen of India belongs to, being Indian comes first.

“We stand with Kashmir and are united for Kashmir” will be the takeaway from this video. Gupta appeals to the people to share the video shot in Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and New Delhi.

“The day when Indians were homeless within our homeland, the day when even the moon got blood clots, the day when no human rights existed, the day when Indians on their own land were living like exile — such a day is even more pathetic than 200 years of British rule. Such was the night of January 21,1990, in Jammu & Kashmir,” says the filmmaker.

Gupta thanks T-Series for collaborating and all communities who made this project possible and the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. He also thanks “Those people who walked with us to make this happen. “

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