For $25 you and your friends can deliver “justice” to President Trump and his cronies by putting them on trial in front of Lady Justice herself, and at the same time also contribute to the causes under attack by the Trump administration.

All this is possible when you play “Conviction,” a new hilarious card game about a “not-so-funny” presidency co-created by Indian American executive Neil Patel.

From Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to Betsy DeVos and Paul Ryan, the gang’s all included and ready to be convicted in this satirical game created by game enthusiasts and best friends of 20 years, Patel and Dan Peterson.

“Conviction” puts key public figures on trial in front of Lady Justice herself. The goal? Get the most points by convicting the highest-value public figures. The player with the most points wins and saves America, according to their Web site.

After the 2016 election, Patel and Peterson found themselves oscillating between scared and angry but mostly frustrated, according to a press release.

“As President-elect Trump started discussing his cabinet picks, Supreme Court appointments, policy agenda and White House advisors, it became clear that this wasn’t a nightmare, but a reality that we may have to live with for the next four years,” said Peterson. “We made ‘Conviction’ to channel our own frustration, and provide an emotional release to those that play the game. And it’s fun and educational.”

“After the election and through the inauguration, Dan and I would send news articles back and forth to each other, but it wasn't productive,” said Patel, who leads a Chicago-based consulting and investing firm. “Making ‘Conviction’ was cathartic and actually turned a negative situation into a positive. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot bringing ‘Conviction’ to life. It’s our hope that players do the same while contributing to organizations that are fighting the good fight.”

According to Patel and Peterson, one hundred percent of the profits from “Conviction’s” sales will be donated to causes endangered by President Trump’s current and/or proposed policies, such as affordable housing, affordable quality healthcare, campaign finance reform, civil rights, clean energy, climate change, education, environmental protections, financial regulations, gun control, LGBQT rights, net neutrality, and women’s rights.

“Unlike Donald Trump, we will publish our company’s tax returns along with receipts of all charitable donations on this website,” the duo has clarified on their website. 

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