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Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan will feature in an episode of David Letterman’s Netflix show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” The episode will premiere Oct. 25, with the trailer released Oct. 8, which gives a glimpse of Khan’s massive popularity both here in the U.S. (including amongst the Indian American community), and in India. (YouTube screenshot)

For millions of fans of Shah Rukh Khan, the long wait is finally over. Netflix has announced the release date of the episode of “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman” featuring the Bollywood star.

The stand-alone special will be launched on the streaming service Oct. 25.

Not only the date, Netflix also shared the trailer of the episode Oct. 8 with the caption: “The biggest talk show host in history meets the biggest film star in the world. Do we really need to say more? Stream My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman on Oct 25th for a special one-off interview with the one and only, Shah Rukh Khan - naam toh suna hee hoga.”

The trailer gives a glimpse of Khan’s massive popularity both here in the U.S. (including amongst the Indian American community), and in India. When Khan enters the studio, he receives a grand applause from the audience which continues as the two sit down for an interview, prompting Letterman to look at his watch and say, ‘That’s all the time we have.” In a post-show piece, Letterman adds: “Perhaps the biggest ovation we’ve had in the series.”

One vignette shows Letterman in Khan’s home in Mumbai on the occasion of Eid. In another clip, Khan is shown cooking Italian food for the host. When Letterman pretends to have cut his finger, Khan chides him, saying: “The scripting was very good. The performance fell short.”

Letterman also notes in the trailer that “There’s something about that man that has made it a different experience.”

The admiration was mutual.

“For me, it was really wonderful to have met a person of his caliber, his stature, and, of course, of his talent,” Khan says.

In the one-hour episode, the “King of Bollywood” opens up about his rise to fame, his family and his billions of fans.

Watch the trailer here:

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