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A CBS special featuring the Indian American Sikh community is slated to air March 31. The project is part of the Sikh Coalition’s multi-year campaign to raise awareness about the Sikh religion. (photo provided)

On March 31, CBS’s Religion and Culture documentary series will feature a 30-minute episode about the Indian American Sikh community and will also examine religious-based bullying in schools.

The CBS special, “Religion & Identity in Young America,” conducted multiple Sikh interviews, including with a family that faced bullying, current junior Sikh Coalition students, a Sikh psychologist and a New Jersey Sikh community leader, the Sikh Coalition said.

The CBS production team also spent a day filming Khalsa school students from the Guru Nanak Mission Gurudwara in Oakland, New Jersey, and separately filmed Jewish and Muslim students for the episode, it said.

“Sikh children are bullied at rates up to two times greater than the national average,” said Satjeet Kaur, executive director of the Sikh Coalition. “This national CBS documentary emphasizing the Sikh perspective will drive the goals of ending school bullying and building greater inclusivity in our classrooms.”

The episode, expected to air across the U.S., will deepen the conversation about the impact of bullying and the work being done within the Sikh community to collectively combat the problem, the organization noted.

In January 2019, the Sikh Coalition directly pitched CBS this idea and has been supporting their production team with background resource material and facilitating all of the Sikh interviews.

This CBS project is part of a multi-year campaign to raise Sikh awareness and include the Sikh perspective nationwide.

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