Composer SPB

Composer S.P. Balasubrahmanyam poses with New York Raja. (photo provided)

In his 50-year-long career, S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, or SPB, as he is often called, has sung over 35,000 songs in a number of Indian languages and inspired the careers many musicians, including New York Raja.  

Born Gururaja Rao, Raja is a singer, composer and teacher, and perhaps one of SPB’s biggest fans. Raja grew up with SPB's soulful singing, listening to the master musician sing in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Inspired throughout his life by SPB, Raja has composed a song entitled SPB Anthem.

“I wanted to dedicate this song with love, affection and respects to my mentor SPB,” said Raja of his album.

The album was released on India's Independence Day in Times Square, the heart New York City.

Popular playback singer Krish, who has performed with Raja on numerous occasions in New York, New Jersey and in Toronto, lent his voice to the project. Krish, who is also an accomplished composer, arranger, lyricist, recording artist, keyboardist and rhythm programmer, spearheaded the musical arrangement and programming for the project as well.

Celebrity singers K.S. Chithra, Krish, Abishek Iyer, Hariharan Ananthu, Saiesan, Luxmi, Sahithya, Kavya and singer-composer Ramesh Vinayakam also lent their support to the project.

In 2001, Raja founded SAREGA Music School of Fine Arts, a not-for-profit corporation that teaches popular film songs on the keyboard and guitar to the Indian and Sri Lankan community.

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