Preity Vir:

Indian actors Vir Das and Preity Zinta will appear on the Jan. 24 episode of “Fresh Off The Boat” on ABC. (IANS photo)

MUMBAI – The special episode of the ABC sitcom, “Fresh Off The Boat,” featuring Indian actors Preity Zinta and Vir Das, will premiere in India, and the U.S. Jan. 24.

The show, set between the years of 1995 and 2000, revolves around a Taiwanese-American family comprising of Louis and Jessica, their children Eddie, Emery, and Evan, and Louis’s mother, Jenny, and follows their relocation from Chinatown of Washington to Orlando, Florida.

The upcoming episode will center on an Indian family whose daughter attends school with Eddie. Zinta will portray the girl’s mother, Meena, while Das essays the father, DC.

“‘Fresh Off The Boat’ is incredibly funny and the best part of it was working with Preity. In so many ways, it’s been a packed January for me. I have nosedived into work and it’s looking incredibly good so far. This show will further the cause of changing perception of Indians and their stories in America. There is a genuine interest in our heritage and culture, now more than ever before and this show will offer just that - a unique story full of heart,” said Das

The episode featuring the Indian actors may serve as the foundation for a spin-off series centered on an Indian family in the U.S., tentatively titled, “Magic Motor Inn.”

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