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Indian actress Priyanka Chopra was trolled for posing in a saree without a blouse on the cover of InStyle Magazine’s July issue. Chopra is seen here posing for a picture during the launch event of Bumble, a social and dating application, in Mumbai June 13, 2019. (Sujit Jaiswal/AFP/Getty Images)

Priyanka Chopra sizzles in a backless champagne-colored sequinned Tarun Tahiliani saree on the cover of InStyle magazine’s July issue. The Indian actress-turned-Hollywood star took to Instagram to share the image while waxing poetic about the Indian garment.

“Fashion is such an important part of global culture, often arising from centuries of tradition, and doesn’t go out of style when the seasons change,” she wrote. “The ‘saree’ is one of the most iconic and recognized silhouettes from India. To me, its beauty lies in its versatility, not just in drape and fabric. It embodies elegance, femininity, and power, and I love how I feel when I’m wearing one.”

Chopra added that she was “so proud” to be wearing a saree designed by Tahiliani and thanked the publication’s editor-in-chief, Laura Brown, for “sharing some of India’s incredible fashion with the world.” Her post ended with the hashtags #ProudDesi and #IndianSummer.

Although her goddess-like look mostly generated positive reactions, with the photo garnering over 1.4 million likes and thousands of comments – one of those comments was from her husband and singer-songwriter Nick Jonas, who dropped a number of flame and heart eyes emojis – she couldn’t escape the wrath of trolls.

Her bareback look was condemned by many on social media who criticized the “Quantico” star for insulting the Indian garment.

While one follower said that it didn’t look like she was actually wearing a saree, another pointed out that “Not really how saree is worn today or at least last 300 years. Unless this is 10th century fashion when women in India didn’t wear blouses.”

“Don’t portray our culture in a wrong way. This is not our culture,” said one commentator and another accused the actress of “killing the look and elegance” of a saree.

“Please give some respect for SAREES. You guys are influential people who can make traditions a respectful thing. No offense but I don’t see any saree,” suggested one.

One follower went as far as saying that Chopra was using the platform to promote herself, writing, “No hate for Priyanka but sorry to say in this post I felt like she’s using Indian culture to promote herself rather than using herself to promote ‘Indian’ culture.”

One Instagram user wrote, “It’s misleading. It’s a saree that you can’t even tell is actually a saree. This is what people of color always have to deal with. Get used for our ‘diversity card,’ but hide what actually makes us diverse by forcing us to fit into a box that is more palatable to western taste. another ridiculous travesty of inclusion. Thought Priyanka was smarter than that.”

Some followers also posted photos of women wearing sarees with a blouse to prove their point.

Though Chopra did not feed the trolls by engaging with them, Tahiliani did come to her defense.

“There’s nothing vulgar about it. In fact, not using a choli makes it a global statement. The transition from alluring Indian beauty to this modern goddess for a mainstream fashion cover only speaks of her (Priyanka) versatility. She is truly a modern Indian icon,” he told Mid-Day.

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