Nishabdam shoot

Actor R. Madhavan at the South Indian International Movie Awards in Dubai Sept 14, 2018; actress Anushka Shetty during the trailer launch of the Tamil film, “Bahubali.” (IANS photos)

Actors R. Madhavan and Anushka Shetty are reuniting for director Hemant Madhukar’s thriller, “Nishabdam,” portions of which are currently being filmed in the beautiful mountain community of Mineral in Lewis County, Wash.

The big-budget Tamil/Telugu drama, which translates to “Silence” in English, is a crossover film also featuring actors and technicians from Hollywood.

The Daily Chronicle reports that on July 6, about 60 Indian cast and crew members spent a day shooting scenes for a musical sequence in and around Mineral.

According to the report, the $10 million project is backed by Indian production company Kona Film Corporation and Seattle-based People Media Factory.

American actor Michael Madsen of “Kill Bill” fame, added The Daily Chronicle, also plays a significant role in the film, which is largely being shot in and around Seattle in Tamil and Telugu, and is slated for release in late 2019 or early 2020.

“It’s been a good time shooting in such a beautiful place,” Madhavan was quoted as saying in between scenes shot inside a BMW convertible. “I know I feel much more relaxed out here, much closer to nature. I feel relaxed shooting here.”

The filming, which began in May, has covered areas like Ashford and Seattle. The entire film will be shot in the U.S.

On June 30, Madhukar took to Twitter to post a video of himself on the road with a caption stating that 50 percent of the shooting for the film has been completed.

Ever since the filming began, Madhavan and Shetty, too, have taken to social media to give updates on the film.

Madhukar and producer Kona Venkat told the local publication that they flew close to 30 people out to Washington from India for the movie.

“Most Americans hear about Indian film and think it’s just ‘Bollywood’ and nothing else,” Venkat was quoted as saying. “This is a big project for the South Indian film industries and there are big stars and great movies there, too.”

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