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Actor Vivek Gomber (r), who won the ‘Best Actor’ award at the recently-concluded DFW South Asian Film Festival, is seen with Indian American festival director Jitin Hingorani (c) and Vinay Shahani, vice president of integrated marketing operations for Toyota Motor North America. (Le Taang photo)

Director Rohena Gera’s feature directorial debut, “Sir,” won big at the fifth annual DFW South Asian Film Festival, which took place May 16-19 in Dallas, Texas.

The opening night feature won not just the ‘Best Director’ award but was also declared the ‘Best Film,’ and its lead actor, Vivek Gomber, who was also in attendance, won the ‘Best Actor’ award.

“The modern-day Indian Cinderella story about the relationship between a maid and her handsome employer clearly struck a chord with our international jury,” said Indian American Jitin Hingorani, founder and festival director. “We had a feeling this film would do well at our festival, given the recent success of ‘Roma,’ as it is such a nuanced portrayal of the classism that is alive and well in the domestic servitude relationships of third world countries.”

This was the first year that the festival chose to appoint a jury and present the awards, and hence the theme, “Five Years: Five Awards.”

“We wanted to wait until we had international gravitas, so that an award from us actually meant something,” explained Hingorani.

Other winners announced at the annual festival include: ‘Best Actress’ – Kalyanee Mulay for “Nude”; ‘Best Short Film’ – Gaurav Sharma’s “That Man in the Picture”; ‘Audience Favorite’ – Aijaz Khan’s “Hamid”; and ‘Best Child Actor’ – Sunny Pawar for “Chhippa.”

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