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“The Indian Detective,” a comedy-drama starring Indo-Canadian standup comic Russell Peters, will premiere on Netflix Dec. 19. The show was co-created by Indian American writer-director Smita Bhide. (The Indian Detective/Facebook photo)

India-West had reported in 2016 that Russell Peters had scored the lead role in a new comedic drama series on Bell Media’s CraveTV. The show, “The Indian Detective,” in which the Indo-Canadian comedian plays the role of a smart, charming and ambitious cop of Indian heritage, whose dreams of becoming a homicide detective are put on hold when he is unjustly suspended, finally premiered Nov. 23. And now Deadline reports that following its initial run on CraveTV, the show is set to premiere on Netflix Dec. 19.

The four-part, one-hour show stars the global comedy sensation in his first starring scripted role for television, and was filmed on location in Cape Town, South Africa; Toronto, Canada; and Mumbai, India.

The show was developed specifically for Peters, and was created by writer and executive producer Frank Spotnitz (“The X-Files”) and Indian American writer-director Smita Bhide (“Transporter: The Series”).

The show follows Toronto cop Doug D’Mello (Peters) as he becomes embroiled in a murder case while visiting his father, played by Bollywood actor Anupam Kher, in Mumbai. The investigation leads Doug to uncover a dangerous conspiracy while dealing with his own ambivalence towards a country where, despite his heritage, he is an outsider.

In the premiere episode of “The Indian Detective,” when a suspected heroin shipment Doug, played by Peters, and Robyn (Christina Cole) were secretly investigating turns out to be children’s bikes, Doug’s dream of becoming a detective fades into oblivion. Coerced into going to Mumbai to visit his father Stanley (Kher), Doug meets Priya Sehgal (Mishqah Parthiephal), a beautiful, passionate legal-aid lawyer. Together, they fight to uncover the truth behind a false murder confession, and while finding his stride in Mumbai, Doug realizes his failed case back home might have roots in his homeland.

The project is a co-production between Spotnitz’s Big Light Productions, Blue Ice Pictures, Wonder Films and CTV.

“I couldn’t be happier that my first leading role in a series will be on a show with not only my name in the title, but a show that lets me do drama and comedy at the same time,” Peters had earlier said in a statement. “The fact that it’s actually set in Canada and India is an added bonus!”

Peters was recently named in Rolling Stone’s 50 ‘Best StandUp Comics of All Time’ list, and has played to sold-out shows in places such as Madison Square Garden, London’s the O2 and the Sydney Opera House. He will embark on his “Deported World Tour” in 2018.

Watch the trailer of “The Indian Detective” here:

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