FREMONT, Calif. — After months of anticipation, “Da-Bangg The Tour: Reloaded” is finally here. The grand Bollywood show, to be headlined by Salman Khan, will be held June 30 at the SAP Center in San Jose, Calif. Two days before the concert, on June 27, Khan and Katrina Kaif interacted with the Indian American media at the Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley here.

“It’s one of the best shows I’ve done. Being a part of this show is really amazing,” Khan told India-West. “Everyone gets along. The vibe on the stage is really friendly. It’s like a family performing together. And from what we’ve seen from the audiences, they are having a great time. They are really loving the show.”

He also added that there will be a lot of interaction with the audience, and a lot of humor.

“We’ve done our best so that you guys come and enjoy the concert, and not get embarrassed by the fact that our Indian stars came and ‘aise hi thanda hai’ (show was a damp squib),” he said.

Also featuring on the lineup of the star-studded show are actors Jacqueline Fernandez, Sonakshi Sinha, Daisy Shah, dancing sensation Prabhudheva, singer/songwriter Guru Randhawa, and actor/TV host Maniesh Paul.

“This particular show has got an absolutely amazing spectacular production,” Kaif told India-West. “When you come and see it…For me shows are a big passion. It’s a big part of the songs and movies that we do. And when I saw this, I have to say it’s quite a few steps above anything that has ever come here before.”

On this tour, the stars have so far performed in Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; and Los Angeles, Calif., glimpses of which fans worldwide have been able to get via social media.

Recreating acts for different cities in live concerts such as these which are mounted on a large-scale can be difficult, Khan admitted to India-West, adding that fans should expect something different in this concert.

“Now with social media it gets very difficult because you are performing and people are actually watching the concert through their telephones, like you just said,” Khan told India-West. “But we are going to work a lot harder and improvise. So the acts remain the same because they are the best songs that we have. And you guys keep posting it and making it a huge success. There’s a lot of hard work and production involved.”

“And lot of beauty,” he joked, referring to Kaif.

Kaif and Khan are co-stars of several blockbusters, the most recent being “Tiger Zinda Hai,” and share a great camaraderie.

“The way the boys have put it together – the lights, the design, the way each act is designed – it’s something really spectacular to see,” Kaif told India-West, adding that in every city, there’s a slight change.

“There are small tweaks that each artist does for every city. They are very small. It could be as simple as having a different costume. But in every city, you’ll see a spectacle that you’ve not seen before for sure,” she said.

The last time Khan performed in the U.S. was 12 years ago, and the reason, he said, was that he wasn’t happy with the production of the shows until “Da-Bangg” came along.

“We’ve done Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, India and every one of them so far has been sold out,” Khan said. “So we kept expanding it. We perform from Friday to Sunday…we perform and then leave to perform for another city but the energy level just keeps on rising.”

Adding to that Kaif, who was part of “Dream Team,” the densely populated star show held at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif., in 2016, said: “I was here about two years ago and the San Jose crowd back then was the most amazing crowd. So I’m looking forward for a bigger and better response.”

The concert, Khan stressed, is the most technically advanced show in the history of live Bollywood entertainment.

During the entire press conference, Khan was his humorous self. When asked what he does to soothe frayed nerves before a concert, Khan remarked: “I just hope I don’t slip; If I fall, I fall again just to make it look like it wasn’t a fall.” And when someone asked him if he plans to do a superhero film, he said: “Yes, it’ll be called ‘SalMAN.’”

His favorite thing to do in the U.S., he said, is to “give a lot of smiles and happiness” to his fans, whom he thanked for staying in touch with the Indian culture and movies.

Kaif also revealed the secret behind her success in Bollywood: “Always being willing to learn, being one thousand percent there whether I’m on the film set or show or wherever. There’s one thing that Anil Kapoor had instilled in me in the beginning, that no matter how many years you’ve been in the industry, never take any day for granted and take each day like it could be your last day to perform in front of the camera.”

“Your profession is not your hobby,” Khan chimed in. “You excel in something that you’re interested in and pursue it dedicatedly.”

The San Jose concert is being presented by Golden Touch Production LLC, the main partners of which are Deep Vohra of V.I.P Travels Inc., Bhavini Joshi of Instant Karma, Prasad and Vijaya Aasuri of V7 group, Sanjay Prabhakar of Shalimar Sunnyvale, and Sanjeev Masih of Sacramento group.

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