INGLEWOOD, Calif. — Mega star Salman Khan descended on Los Angeles with a bang along with his gorgeous heroines, Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha, Jacqueline Fernandez and Daisy Shah, dancing king Prabhu Deva, television personality/actor Manish Paul, and the new singing sensation Guru Randhawa, during the ‘Da-Bangg-The Reloaded Tour’ live concert held at the iconic Forum Theater here June 24.

Prosperous Entertainment, Paracha Entertainment and Superdylan Entertainment presented the smashing hit show – attracting many of the stars’ Indian American fans – that was full of glitz, glamor and attitude.

The ‘Da-Bangg Reloaded Tour,’ with a mighty crew of 150 people and a heavy dose of pyrotechnics and extraordinary audio-visuals, was billed to be the most expensive and technically advanced show in the history of live Bollywood entertainment. The show was entirely reformatted and the acts re-choreographed for the audience in the U.S. and Canada.

The show was exclusively scripted, directed and managed by Salman’s brother’s Sohail Khan’s Entertainment and JA events.

Salman Khan was not exactly happy about the production values of his previous shows a decade ago and this time around he made sure that the production was in-house and he was involved in all the details. Though the news of his earlier arrest initially caused jitters among the promoters, his subsequent release and the approval of his visa to the U.S. calmed nerves.

Khan’s unprecedented star power encompasses all ages and nationalities and his fan following worldwide knows no bounds. The event attracted the mega star’s global fans in large numbers and filled the venue to capacity. Many of his die-hard fans were excited to see their favorite superstar on stage after a gap of 12 years.

As the audience waited for the show to begin, an air of excitement and anticipation hung in the air. On the expansive stage, a gigantic media screen as a backdrop and the exquisite lighting and impeccable sound system made the audience sense that this was a lavish show befitting their favorite star and his dream team.

After local singers Kushi and Ujval Zaveri kicked off the event with their singing, the theater turned dark, and as the images of the concerts in various cities of the world flashed on the giant screens, everybody’s expectations were raised.

Manish Paul, in his introductory number similar to the Oscars’ opening act, danced energetically to a specially choreographed song, “Bang Bang Da-Bangg,” in which he skillfully introduced the main performers of the evening as their images flashed on the screen. Calling Daisy Shah as ‘D3 (Dancing Diva Daisy) Shah,’ he invited the actress, Khan’s co-star in “Jai Ho” and “Race 3,” to the stage. Shah came on stage looking stylish in her denim shorts, glittery sequined jacket and white feathery boots, and danced energetically to groovy dance music from her movie, “Jai Ho,” and ended with the melodious, “Tere Naina Maar Hi Daalenge,” remixed to dance music.

Following Shah’s energetic performance, the agile Prabhu Deva, known as India’s Michael Jackson, glided onto the stage wearing white pants and shoes and dancing effortlessly to the beats. He mesmerized the audience with his flawless and signature dance moves and struck a Michael Jacksonesque pose at the end of his act drawing a thunderous applause from the audience.

As her movie images played on the big screen, Jacqueline Fernandez appeared on a high pedestal platform in the middle of the theater, drawing the audience to their feet. Dressed in a hot pink glittery ruffle dress and red boots, the former beauty queen looked absolutely stunning. As she danced to her recent hits from “Judwa 2,” the fans stood up and danced in the aisles cheering her on.

Before inviting Sonakshi Sinha, Paul provided some comic relief, when he asked various members of the audience to recite Khan’s famous dialogue, ‘Ek baar mein commitment kardi phir mein apni aap ko nahi sunta’ to the audience’s amusement. Wearing stylish sequined jeans and a glittery gold top, the effervescent actress danced to her hits from “R. Rajkumar,” “Gandi Baat” and “Saadi Ke Faal Sa,” “Go Go Govinda” and “Mein Toh Superman Salman Da Fan,” as the dancers around her wore facemasks of various characters of Khan from his films.

As her hit songs played on the screen, the gorgeous Katrina Kaif glided onto the stage from the middle of the auditorium on a raised platform with a lighted star, wearing a white shirt and denim dungarees. Once on stage, she revealed a red-hot outfit studded with glittering sequins. The queen-bee of the dream line-up did not have a shortage of hit tracks to dance to and her sensuous “Sheila Ki Jawani” burned up the dance floor as the crowd went wild. As Kaif’s gigantic images flashed on the screen, three hip-hop artists showed off their extraordinary hip-hop moves. After a costume change, she came back wearing army fatigues and danced to the famous, “Swag Se Karenge Sab Ka Swagat,” that drove her fans wild with joy.

Paul called on Sinha to welcome Khan with a countdown. As she counted the numbers from ten to one with the audience loudly participating, the huge screen parted, and Khan made a dramatic entry on a raised platform dressed in all-black and singing along to the song, “Radio,” from his movie, “Tubelight.”

The crowd that was holding its breath with anticipation went wild, bursting into loud cheers that drowned out the music. Khan wholeheartedly entertained the audience with his dance numbers, spanning from “Maine Pyar Kiya” to “Hum Aap Ke Hai Kaun” to “Mujse Shadi Karogi” to “Sultan,” showcasing his body of work over the last 25 years.

For “Jai Bajrang Bali,” kids dressed in colorful clothes joined him on stage along with the dancers. The crowd stood up and cheered their heartthrob incessantly until he completed his first act, promising to come back again, making way for Guru Randhawa.

The young singing sensation greeted the audience in Punjabi and with a three-piece orchestra enthralled the audience with his Punjabi hits one after another, including “Tu Meri Rani” from the movie, “Tumhari Sulu,” that catapulted him to fame in Bollywood music.

After Paul and Khan felicitated the local and national promoters on stage, Khan invited Kamaal Khan, who is behind many of Salman’s musical smash hits such as “Teri Chunariya Dil Le Gayi,” “Character Dheela Hai” and many more from his earlier films.

In the second act, Khan came back to the stage in his romantic avatar, the one and only eternal ‘Prem’. The crowd went wild with joy as he danced with his leading ladies in colorful costumes to his romantic duets, starting from his old hits, “Mein Ne Pyar Kiya,” “Hum Aapke Hai Kaun,” “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam,” to his recent films, “Kick,” “Sultan,” “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” and “Race 3.” When he danced with Sinha and Paul to “Munni Badnam Huyi,” with his quirky signature moves, he brought the house down and the audience couldn’t get enough of him. As he and Kaif danced to “Swag Se Karenge Sab Ka Swagat,” they set the stage on fire with their chemistry.

When he matched steps with Prabhu Deva, to the energetic dance numbers from their films, the duo delighted the audience with their camaraderie and fancy moves.

As the glitzy visual extravaganza ended with all of the eight stars on the stage dancing to “Allah Duhai Hai” from “Race 3,” the noise made by the huge crowd drowned out the music inside the theater and the roar of the planes outside as they landed and took off from the nearby Los Angeles airport.

(See photo-spread for additional photos of the concert. The “Da-Bangg Reloaded” tour will be presented in San Jose, Calif., on June 30 at the SAP Center.)

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