sandeep anand

Actor/director Sandeep Anand. (photo provided)

MUMBAI — Actor Sandeep Anand’s short film “Method Acting ka Bhoot” is going places. The short film just won the Best Short Film Award at the International Cultural Artifact Film Festival held in Pune.

Pune, popularly known as Oxford of the East, has a sizeable student population that watched the screening along with other best independent films from across the globe.

Speaking on the occasion, Anand said, “I strongly believe that good content can only and only be created with sheer hard work, and acknowledgment of such work adds to the pleasure. I am grateful to the jury that gave full attention and appreciation to our attempt. I am sure that independent short films will grow with festivals like the International Cultural Artifact Film Festival as the makers come and network with industry professionals.”

Anand, who donned the hat of a director for the first time, has already won the Best Director and Best Debut Director awards at multiple film festivals prior to this one. He began his career with “Sun Yaar Chill Maar” amd has been one of the most-loved television actors known for his various characters in “FIR” and “May I Come in Madam?”

Coming from a theater background, Anand started acting at the age of seven. “I am sure 2020 is going to be an exciting year for me and my fans, as they would get to see me on different platforms apart from television. I always wanted to surpass the boundaries of the medium and focus on good content. For me content is king, the medium could be anything – television, digital, theatre, films, etc. I will work harder to break the stereotype and “Method Acting Ka Bhoot” is a small step in that direction.” said Anand.

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