BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – The Southern-California based South Asian entertainment and news show Showbiz India TV celebrated its 20th year at a grand red-carpet party at Spice Affair here Dec. 1.

The event was hosted by its founder, Reshma Dordi, who proudly spoke about her journey over the last two decades.

“How can I describe my life and my journey with Showbiz India in one word? The answer: fulfilling; I came here as a young girl from Jaipur with dreams of being on the radio and television and have realized that dream, thanks to many who have supported me, believe in me and view my program,” said Dordi. “We started off being an entertainment show but now we have morphed into a platform for the voice of the South Asian Diaspora,” the Indian American said.

She also talked about the importance of using her show to address important issues facing the South Asian community at large, such as depression and mental health. Recently, Showbiz India was approached by the LA County Department of Mental Health to produce a series of campaigns to raise awareness about mental health in the South Asian community and beyond, according to a press release.

The event featured a fashion show, “Power Women Rock The Runway,” with designs by Fashion by Rohini.

The show highlighted successful businesswomen, mothers, artists and more to celebrate female empowerment. Two of the models included twin actors/dancers Poonam and Priyanka Shah, who were also the recipients of Showbiz India’s ‘Social Media Trailblazers’ award that night.

Miss Showbiz India 2008 Sharanya Mukhopadhyay also came to celebrate the occasion and gave a delightful classical-fusion dance performance.

South Asian American actor Danny Pudi of “Community” and “The Tiger Hunter” fame attended the affair, dressed in Fashion by Rohini. He was the recipient of Showbiz India ‘Inspirational Actor of the Year’ award.

Pudi’s thank you speech addressed the importance of inclusion and the need to increase opportunities for South Asian actors in Hollywood. “The power of film and television starts with representation and we now have a voice with the likes of Kal Penn, Mira Nair, and Mindy Kaling,” he said. “However, the USC’s Annenberg’s Inclusion Study in 2017 found that of the top 100 films, 37 of them had no Asian speaking characters. So, I think we can do better. At the same time, we need to keep in mind that the kind and quality of inclusion also matters. We need more South Asian actors, producers, directors and writers who can share our stories with the world. I knew from a young age that I always wanted to act, and I encourage all youngsters who share the same dream to go for it.”

Event sponsors included Reshma Beauty, Fashion by Rohini, Maazda Travel, Saffron Spot, Bhindi Jewelers, Brow Bar by Reema Khan and Spice Affair.

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