OAKLAND, Calif. – Decibel-defying cheers and claps by doting fans and followers welcomed singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh to the podium at the Oracle Arena here Sept. 7 evening.

The concert was aptly named ‘Roar Tour 2019’ and a huge lion sculpture in the middle of the stage was in keeping with the tone and tenor of the evening. The accompanying stage effects further complemented the evening’s performance.

To set the expectations, the performer, who spoke exclusively in Punjabi throughout the concert, said that he does not want anyone in the audience to passively watch the show but to actively dance and participate in the evening.

Dosanjh opened the concert with the number, “Ki Bane Duniya Da Sache Badshah Bagru Jaane,” to a roaring applause.

In the style of a crowd charmer and a natural performer, he peppered his songs and dances with anecdotes and kept the audience thoroughly engaged for over two and a half hours.

“In 2017, when I was passing by the Oracle Arena, I thought that I have to bring together my Punjabi brothers and sisters from California for a concert here by 2020. With the grace of Waheguruji (Almighty) and your love, I am so glad to be performing here in the Oracle Arena in 2019,” said Dosanjh.

He mixed traditional folk numbers like “Jugni” and “Dil Da Mamla” with his new songs, including the slow number of “Jida Na Mohobaat” from the 2016 movie, “Udta Punjab,” that highlighted the issue of dug menace in Punjab.

The accompanying orchestra tirelessly kept up the beat throughout the concert and the dance troupe performed high-energy bhangra routines to several songs.

Dosanjh continuously danced along while singing and kept the energy and enthusiasm high amongst the crowd. He said that his songs were for couples, potential couples and for singles, and that he will sing for all. He asked audience members, many of them from the Indian American community, for their requests so that he could sing those numbers.

Post intermission, he commenced his show with another crowd pleaser and sang, “Mardi Hai Thumke, Najdi Hai Soni Mutyaar.”

“Punjabi pop has gained in popularity and even in clubs in India, the youngsters in India are asking more and more for Punjabi pop songs to be played,” added Dosanjh.

All in all, the evening, comprising loud singing and boisterous dancing on and off the stage, brought the house down.

The show was presented by Golden Eagle Production, Shor Media Group and Modern Beats.

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