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Anita Aysola, an Indian American singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia, has utilized her new single, “Heartbeat,” to support women’s reproductive rights. (Anita Aysola/Facebook photo)

“Our pleasure, pain…our work for us to decide. Our hearts are strong, lives are long, and our voices will rise. We are the women of the world. We give life to this earth.”

These lyrics are from Atlanta, Georgia-based Indian American singer-songwriter Anita Aysola’s latest single, “Heartbeat,” which was born in response to the state’s controversial ‘Heartbeat bill.’ The bill prohibits abortions six weeks into pregnancy.

“Right now, in the United States, many of us are in a constant state of shock and dismay at the atrocities being committed at the hands of our government,” Aysola told Rolling Stone India. “While this song was inspired by current attacks on reproductive rights, it is also, more broadly, meant to reaffirm the basic human rights of women everywhere.”

Produced by Indian American actor-composer Samrat Chakrabarti, the song also features the Resistance Revival Chorus.

The music video ends with the message: “‘Heartbeat’ is a tribute to the hopes, power, and humanity of women as we unite to stop attacks on our rights and freedoms across the country.”

Two more songs by Aysola, who infuses jazz and blues with classic rock and traditional Indian influences, are set for release in the coming months, according to the publication, which added that those are: “Rumpelstiltskin” (which draws from the child separation issues at the U.S. southern border) and “Legend In My Mind.”

Aysola released her debut album, “More Than Maybe,” in 2008. She has performed across the U.S., with major shows in New York City, Chicago, Illinois, Boston, Mass., Houston, Texas, Washington D.C., and Atlanta.

The music video can be viewed here:

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