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Indian American singer-songwriter Zoya Mohan’s new album, “Bad Girls Dream,” was released May 6. (Sinead Fleming; Zoya/Facebook photo

Indian American singer-songwriter Zoya, who finds inspiration in life’s challenges and unpredictable moments, has just released her third album, “Bad Girls Dream.”

The 22-minute pop album, released May 6, consists of nine songs, and is produced by Chuck Inglish – who has worked with artists like Chance the Rapper – and Mark Nilan Jr., who won a Grammy for ‘Best Soundtrack’ for Lady Gaga’s film, “A Star is Born.”

Also, the title track, “Bad Girls Dream,” which is a radio-friendly pop anthem and was released as a single in 2019, features rapper Jack Harlow.

“Pop used to be one thing in the late ‘90s, but pop now is a very ambiguous term. The pop charts on Billboard are a giant mix of hip-hop, singer-songwriter, country, electronic dance music, and rock. It’s a cool time to be a pop artist because there aren’t really any rules anymore,” she told First Post.

The Berklee College of Music alum was born in New Delhi but grew up in Southern California. Her full name is Zoya Mohan but she prefers to go by her first name.

Besides being a singer-songwriter, Zoya is also an accomplished dancer who was exposed to Hindustani music at an early age, when she learned Kathak, Bharatanatyam and Bollywood dance.

After returning to Los Angeles, Calif., following a four-year stint touring India, Zoya signed with the management agency, Propelr Music, the team behind artists like Doja Cat.

“For this record, I have taken a lot of inspiration from the Sleeping Beauty fairytale. The song deals with the three wishes that Princess Aurora gets in the fairytale: the gift of beauty; the gift of song; and the gift that she can only wake up and live her dream if she is kissed by her ‘true love,’” Mohan told The Mumbai Mirror. “To me, the kiss means self-validation, self-love, and finally accepting all three sides of myself so that I can wake up and live my dream.”

With three albums to her name and countless tours worldwide, she’s gained recognition from heavyweights such as A.R. Rahman and The Chainsmokers while touring on festival bills and as a support act for the likes of Kawehi, Natty, Lucy Rose, Madame Gandhi, Youngr, Submotion Orchestra, Bloc Party, Clean Bandit, and Martin Garrix.

Zoya, according to her website, “hopes to shed light on what’s brewing in her birth country while promoting the idea of a multi-culture and multi-color future for pop culture and pop music.”


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