Swapna Abraham:

Swapna Abraham, an Indian singer/songwriter in Dubai, has not only sung 1,000 songs in 1,000 days but has also penned their lyrics and composed music for them. (Swapna Abraham/Facebook photo)

Dubai-based Indian singer-songwriter Swapna Abraham has created history by becoming the first-ever musician to write lyrics of 1,000 songs, compose music for them, lend her voice to them, and publish a new video of 1,000 melodious songs, all in 1,000 consecutive days.

Making a new world record, Abraham from Kottayam, Kerala, stated a press release, has shown her talent, skills, creativity, endurance, and dedication through this new collection of songs.

Abraham has released one new song every day since April 8, 2017 and reached her 1,000-song goal Jan. 2, 2020. Her final composition coincided with the launch of Dubai’s EXPO 2020, a timing Abraham chose to make the record special for Dubai.

Her album, “1000 Songs In 1000 Days,” will qualify to be considered as the record setting one for the “most songs on a digital album” with the Guinness Book of World Records, per the press release.

Showcasing her talent since a very young age, Abraham wrote poems, danced and sang at several school events. She later attended Trinity College London.

She went on to perform in several countries, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines and Kenya, in addition to performing in numerous cities in India.

She is the recipient of many awards, including the LAMP-ICONGO Karmaveer Chakra for Gospel Music.

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