Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is back in a starring role for new promotional videos for Dubai tourism. Renowned film director Kabir Khan has directed the sequel to the award-winning campaign.

While the first #BeMyGuest campaign video, which took YouTube by storm in 2017, featured Khan surprising residents and visitors around Dubai, this year he explores what he considers to be his second home and takes viewers on a fascinating, multi-faceted journey through the city of endless possibilities.

Marking the first-ever collaboration between Shah Rukh Khan and Kabir Khan, the newly launched 2.0 #BeMyGuest portrays Shah Rukh Khan’s journey across a series of short films that see him taking visitors to Dubai through a multifaceted destination that holds global brand appeal in much the same way he does as an actor.

Khan reaches out to his legions of fans across the globe, and introduces them to the lives of four different characters, and how he personalizes each of their experiences of Dubai by injecting the warmth and spirit of the city that resonate with him, yet each customized to the needs of every visitor. The stories allow audiences to explore Dubai and its variety and diversity of stunning tourist offerings, with SRK in his signature style leading them to create new memories and rekindle old ones in the city.

In one of the videos, Khan weaves a magical story of love with two newlyweds in Dubai, while in the other, he makes a little boy feel at home on his very first visit to the city. Yet another shows the 52-year-old actor helping a family create new memories together in Dubai.

The miniseries with a hero compilation has been shot across picturesque and iconic locations in the city, including Dubai’s theme parks – specifically covering Legoland Dubai and Bollywood Parks, and other signature locations such as the Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Fountain and The Palace Downtown Dubai, and the mountainous Hatta region.

“Last year I invited my fans around the world to “Be My Guest” while giving them a glimpse into my Dubai, as part of this exciting partnership with Dubai Tourism,” said Shah Rukh Khan. “This year, along with one of Bollywood’s most recognized directors, Kabir Khan, we’re taking that partnership further to exploring new places and attractions but with the signature essence of Dubai that truly makes it a place where every visitor can feel like they belong to even greater heights.”

“I love this amazing city and I’m really looking forward to once again sharing my experiences with my fans,” he added.

Dubai hopes to use this campaign to further drive first-time visits from the market bases, as well as increase the propensity of those that have visited to come more often by showcasing an ever-evolving tourism proposition.

To celebrate #BeMyGuest collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan, flydubai has a special offer for flights to Dubai.

Watch the #BeMyGuest videos here:

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