Star India, HBO, Netflix and Amazon are among 30 content creators and on-demand entertainment companies which have joined forces to fight online piracy. (Wikipedia photo)

Confronting the global challenge of online piracy is an issue every content creator and on-demand entertainment company has been dealing with for quite some time. But now, 30 diverse companies, including the likes of Star India, Netflix, Sony Pictures, and HBO, have come together to form a global coalition, Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, to protect creative content and reduce online piracy.

As more creative content moves online, piracy poses a continuing threat to creators, consumers, and the economy, ACE said in a press release, stating that last year, there were an estimated 21.4 billion total visits to streaming piracy sites worldwide.

Piracy also puts consumers at risk, the coalition believes, noting that one in three pirate sites target consumers with malware that can lead to a range of problems, including identify theft and financial loss.

Along with utilizing the expertise of its members, the group will “draw upon the global antipiracy resources of the Motion Picture Association of America.” It will conduct research, and also work closely with law enforcement to curtail illegal pirate enterprises.

The worldwide members of ACE include: Amazon, AMC Networks, BBC Worldwide, Bell Canada and Bell Media, CBS Corporation, Constantin Film, HBO, Hulu, Lionsgate, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Millennium Media, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, SF Studios, Sky, Sony Pictures, Star India, Studio, Telemundo, Twentieth Century Fox, Univision Communications Inc., Village Roadshow, The Walt Disney Company, and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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