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California-based Indian American independent singer-songwriter Sruthi Dhulipala (l) Feb. 7 released a new single, “Tedhi Zindagi,” in collaboration with Indian American singer-lyricist Shruthi Iyer. (Sruthi Dhulipala/Facebook photo)

Two Indian American indie artists have collaborated to create a breezy melody that portrays the story of someone embracing a new phase in their life.

California-based singer-songwriter Sruthi Dhulipala Feb. 7 released a single, “Tedhi Zindagi,” in collaboration with singer-lyricist Shruthi Iyer.

Composed by Dhulipala, the video of the song features two young women who moved out of their home country and are starting a new life abroad. They meet as roommates and grow and bond together as good roommates and friends.

“Throughout the song, we see how they evolve into strong and independent women,” said Dhulipala. The song celebrates the sweet but crooked ‘Zindagis’ we have but also urges us to embrace it. The song attempts to capture all the innocent moments we experience when we take on something new and how they shape to be part of the ‘Tedhi Zindagis’ we live in.”

The lyrics, written by Iyer, pen the experiences of life in beautiful and simple phrases.

“My favorite line is ‘Kinare Thame Ya Kashitya, Zindagi toh Dubkiyo ka Naam hai Yaara,” said Iyer. “It sums up exactly how we might face challenges as we grow, but that’s how life is – a big leap of faith.”

Dhulipala and Iyer, also known as the S&S Project, are a two-person band dabbling in music — contemporary, fusion, and pop. They are artists at the MIT-based startup IndianRaga that fosters cultural talent in many countries.

Through IndianRaga, the duo previously released two projects, “O Jaana,” a Hindi version of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s “Senorita”; and an English Note acapella bringing the different nuances of classical and Western realms of the Raga Shankarabharanam.

“Tedhi Zindagi” is available on all audio and video platforms now.

Watch the video for “Tedhi Zindagi” here:

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