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TV host Conan O’Brien has upset a faction of Hindus for “inappropriately” portraying the goddess Kali in a joke.

Reno, Nevada — Hindus are disturbed over the “inappropriate” portrayal of Hindu goddess Kali in a sexual joke on TBS late night Emmy-winning television talk show “Conan” and want apologies from all those responsible for it, including host Conan O’Brien, TBS, Turner Broadcasting System and its parent company Time Warner Inc.

Rajan Zed, president of Universal Society of Hinduism, in a Nov. 15 statement said that goddess Kali was meant to worshipped in temples or home shrines “and not to be thrown around loosely in reimagined versions for dramatic effects in TV shows for mercantile greed. Such absurd depiction of goddess Kali with no scriptural backing was hurtful to the devotees.”

The script of Conan Weeknights episode of Oct. 28 titled “Nazi U Boat Discovered Off The North Carolina Coast,” opened with: “Are you sick of hooking up with people from your own century? Time Bone gives you access to every hottie who ever lived.”

It then it shows images of some well known historical women and goddess Kali, indicating that one can have sex with them using Time Bone machine.

Claiming such trivialization of goddess Kali was disturbing and offensive to the one billion Hindus world over, Zed urged TBS to immediately remove it from all its websites and other links. Zed also asked Emmy winner O’Brien, Conan executive producer Jeff Ross, TBS president Kevin Reilly, Turner Broadcasting System CEO John Martin and Time Warner Inc. chairman Jeff Bewkes to tender a public apology for it and urged them not to inappropriately drag Hindu deities to advance the commercial or other agenda in the future. As of press time there has been no response.

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