“Graffiti,” which marks the debut of Divyansh Sharma as an actor and director, is proof of the young Indian American actor’s multifaceted artistic capabilities.

The 30-minute short film, which has been recognized at various film festivals and has won over 30 awards, portrays the life of Michael Dawson, a spoken word artist and his struggle with his past life and the future of his profession.

As Dawson who grieves his love, Sharma puts up a fine performance, skillfully embodying Dawson’s journey and emotional arch.

Sharma tells this film using so many different forms that it could also be categorized as an experimental film. From the first-person narration to taking on a mockumentary format, from surreal apparitions to scenes of pure drama and emotion, it blends different tones – irony with sarcasm, romanticism with drama – to create a kaleidoscope of scenes that give viewers the possibility to experience the film from different points of view.

Born in New Delhi to a math professor and a news journalist, Sharma, according to a press release, always showed interest in academia and world events. He excelled in school work and was encouraged by his parents to take up various extra-curricular activities like poetry, debate, theater and track and field sports.

Storytelling has always fascinated Sharma, added the press release. At 16, after being drawn to theater, he began performing myriad street plays, educating people about social issues such as domestic abuse, child marriage, equal rights and race relations.

After graduating from high school with distinction, Sharma received a scholarship to study at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, where he enrolled for the BFA program, with a focus on acting and directing. In his college productions, he portrayed a range of iconic as well as contemporary characters.

After his graduation, the young actor went on to feature in global commercial spots for companies like Google and Apple and was most recently seen as Elvis in Apple’s Facetime commercial.

His next project, a feature film, “A Dream in Frames,” is already creating a buzz, winning an award at the Los Angeles Film Awards.

Sharma is currently in the pre-production stages of his next short film, “Cigarettes in December,” and is launching his production company Origins, which, noted the press release, will focus on “re-inventing the cinematic standard” one story at a time.

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