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“Got Cancer,” a new short film created by Hope B-Lit, a Southern California-based Indian American non-profit organization and supported by cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s foundation, displays the positive attitude of children battling cancer. The film aims to generate funds for kids affected by the disease. (photo provided)

Hope B-Lit, a Southern California-based nonprofit organization that highlights social issues through short films, has collaborated with Indian sportsperson and cancer survivor Yuvraj Singh’s non-profit YouWeCan, to create a new short film titled, “Got Cancer.”

The heart-touching docudrama brings to the fore the plight of children braving cancer globally while highlighting the importance of love, care, nutrition and mental attitude in enhancing the healing process in addition to medical care.

“When cancer strikes, our first emotion is ‘fear,’ but our work with children has shown us that children with cancer deal with the disease with positivity and hope,” said Ruhi, aka Rohini Hak, Indian American founder of Hope B -Lit. “Their attitude toward a disease that is so heavily feared in the adult world is very inspiring. As adults, we can learn from them not only to deal with the disease but also how sometimes to un-condition our minds and handle otherworldly struggles. We believe that no-one should have to fight cancer alone – especially not the young brave hearts.”

Priyanka Banerjee, Indian American communications director of the nonprofit, said they found synergy with Singh’s NGO since it not only provides education to children with cancer, but also supports the families financially especially at a time after they have been afflicted by the cost of treatment.

As producers of “Got Cancer,” the organization raised funds in the U.S. to highlight the problems caused by the lack of insurance and monetary support for children with cancer in India through this film, stated a press release.

Banerjee added that Indian American organizations like Tarsadia Foundation and Rhythm and Melodies provided much of the funding that was needed to bring the project to life.

Inspired by a true incident, the film is written by Hak, with screenplay by Elizabeth Soto Lara and cinematography by Mridul Sen. Sonal Jha and Anisa Ani play the main characters in the film and are effectively supported by Nilay Paranjape and Poornima Phuse.

“Got Cancer” is directed by Kankana Chakraborty, who brought in firsthand experiences since both her parents are oncologists.

Proceeds from “Got Cancer” screenings will be donated to the YouWeCan Foundation.

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