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Watch Hrithik Roshan’s incredible transformation to Kabir for the film “War.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI — Here is Hrithik Roshan's journey from real-life Bihari mathematician Anand Kumar in “Super 30” to crack espionage agent gone bad, Kabir, in “War,” told by the man himself.

2019 has been incredible for Roshan with two back-to-back successes. It was a difficult journey for the actor to ace the role of a Bihari for “Super 30” and then immediately get into the skin of Kabir for “War.”

Roshan took to his social media and shared a video giving us an insight into his journey of transformation with the caption, “The other side of K.A.B.I.R  Behind the scenes.”

“It all began in September 2018,” he states in the video. “The transformation was the hardest thing I had to go through and the only person I had to blame was myself! That was the toss over after Super 30.” With the back injury as a hindrance, the superstar had a long way to go to achieve his goal and the tenure to reach there was extremely short.

“War” has become a record-breaker with its box-office collections and fans cannot stop gushing over his perfect body, his dance moves and, most importantly, his tremendous performance.  Maths coaching and training students in espionage — Roshan mastered both this year.

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