MUMBAI — She’s all over the place. In June, she released “Housefull 3” with Akshay Kumar, and, in July, she was cast with John Abraham and Varun Dhawan in “Dishoom.” Reminiscent of olden days when top stars would release six to eight films within a year, Jacqueline Fernandez is now set to release “A Flying Jatt” Aug. 25, completing a hat-trick in as many months.

Giggles the actress when we meet up at Mehboob Studios, and I obviously ask how she feels about this: “It’s amazing because all of them are big commercial films with big-name heroes. The added advantage is that these back-to-back films also allow me to see all my friends in the media so often. Someone asked me if I liked to be active on social media. I do; I am a digital person, and that’s the best way to promote my movies!”

She adds that she had no clue when she signed the three films that they would release this way.

“In my life, it’s always been that way — a lot of things all at once, or nothing! One by one, they announced their release dates!” she laughs.

Fernandez admits, when asked, that it was “Kick” (2013) that made all the difference.

“Since 'Kick,’ it’s been like a dream that I do not want to end!” she says placidly.

But wasn’t she working hard even earlier, and giving hits as well like “Murder 2” and “Housefull 2?”

“I was, but looking back, I think that I did not have enough confidence. That’s the only difference,” she says.

Having worked with Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar and now with Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra and Tiger Shroff, what does she feel are the key differences between the two generations?

“Personally, I feel there is no difference, you know,” she answers after a moment’s thought. “All have the same focus, dedication, passion and determination, taking them to another level! They are all ambitious and want the best, nothing else! Yes, the youngsters lack the years of experience that a Salman or an Akshay have. On the other hand, the older heroes have the same energy as the younger ones to carry on and keep going as they have for more than 20 years!”

How was the chemistry with Tiger Shroff on the sets?

“Oh, he is so shy that I am usually the one chatting away and cracking jokes!” she laughs. “I am more extroverted; he’s introverted. But we actually have many common interests — we both love fitness, are into dance, love traveling and movies, and discuss all these things.”

Fernandez has worked twice with Tiger Shroff’s father, Jackie Shroff, in “Brothers” and “Housefull 3.” How would she compare them?

“They are very, VERY similar!” she laughs. “I can see Tiger’s future through his father — Jackie is so very nice, kind, sweet and considerate. He’s not shy but is reserved. When we were working together, he came to know that I working with Tiger, and he was so happy, and kept saying ‘I can’t wait to see you with Tiger!’”

She plays an environmental studies teacher in “A Flying Jatt” and calls it her first role as a distinct character rather than being just hot and glamorous.

“It’s a fun role and Remo-sir (director D’Souza) has tapped into a more challenging character for me. I am loud, I do not care for anyone, and I am cheeky and bubbly! It’s a fun role!”

This is the kind of role (“more challenging ones”) that Fernandez is looking for now.

“I have a great role in Salman’s new production with Sushant Singh Rajput. It’s a challenging script,” she says.

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