MUMBAI — Tiger Shroff is a complete package: Add solid hits as the first two films in his career, “Heropanti” and “Baaghi,” and we know the difference between him and the run-of-the-mill star aspirant. At a quick rendezvous at Mumbai’s Mehboob Studios, we chat with the youngster about his roles, films and music videos.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: What made you take up “A Flying Jatt” when you have the image of a dancing star?

A: (Laughs) I can openly say I am the most proud of this film. Remo (director D’Souza) had done the entire prep for my character as a Jatt, and I just followed him. Hopefully, I have done justice to what he briefed me about my role!

In fact, “A Flying Jatt” is a completely different kind of super-hero and quite a reluctant one. He is a Jatt but is scared to use his powers and does not really want to fight! He also has vertigo, so he cannot fly very high! And he’s also pretty scared of his mother who exploits his superpowers, makes him do all the household chores, and also sends him shopping for vegetables in his costume, hoping no one will take money from him.

Q: Any similarities whatsoever to the real you then?

A: (Grins) Yeah, I too am scared of Mom! I used to go shopping, but that was before I became an actor!

Q: Recently the Sikh community had protested about some aspects of the film.

A: I think it’s only fair that they wanted to ensure that we had not shown them in any wrong light. Remo-sir showed them the film, and now they are quite happy. We want the Sikh community to feel proud after watching the film!

Q: Your father Jackie Shroff was a superhero in “Shiva Ka Insaaf” 31 years ago. Any memories of that film while you were growing up?

A: Yeah, along with “Spider-Man” and “Krrish,” it remains my top favorite superhero film. I would watch one videocassette every night as a kid and would love to watch Dad in this film many times!

Q: How was it working with a biggie like Nathan Jones?

A: When they told me he was on board, I was scared. Physically, I am like a fly in front of him, and, in our sequences, even a light touch from him would hurt! But he is such a down-to-earth man and keeps praising me behind my back! Having been a wrestler at one time, he was so professional that he knew exactly how to show his reactions by way of expression and body language to show that he was battling a superhero in me! He has taken the action to another level!

Q: What is your career plan now?

A: When I began, I did not know anything about acting, but did not want to be my father’s copy or make people think I was getting a break because of him. So I decided to concentrate on my strengths — dance and action — to carve out my own identity. These were things others could not do as well as I could. Sabbir-sir (Sabbir Khan, director of both Shroff films to date) concentrated on these aspects too to make my character stand out.

Today, I am lucky to have a lot of kids as my fans, and I have to make sure that I do not show or encourage any negativity with the things I say or do, onscreen or off screen. I will not do dark characters. At the same time, I think that by the time my two forthcoming films come — Karan (Johar)-sir’s “Student of the Year 2” and Sabbir-sir’s “Munna Michael,” in which I play a young dancer and fan of Michael Jackson — there will be a slight overdose of dance, allowing me to try out something different as my fans wait for a year for me to dance again! (Smiles)

Q: Your first video with T-Series, “Zindagi Aa Raha Hoon Main” was inspirational. What made you take up their second video now with Disha Patani?

A: I think music videos are a great platform for your talent and connecting with your fans with what they like to see you do. I would rather do them than a static ad in print, though I am doing an ad for Hrithik Roshan’s HRX brand of apparel.

Q: Would you like to work with Hrithik some day?

A: Oh, that would be a dream. Maybe “A Flying Jatt” and “Krrish” can come together in a film, just like in Hollywood movies!

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