malaika arora

Actress Malaika Arora. (IANS photo)

MUMBAI — Actress-model Malaika Arora would want her son to treat her like a friend, but says she is a strict mother.

"I am a strict mother and my son knows it. The culture, respect, and integrity need to be maintained and being humble is always a part of it. I would want my son to treat me like a friend, which he does," said Malaika, who is the mother of a son, Arhaan, who is 18.

On being asked about her girl gang, she said: "I love meeting my girl-friends, they are an integral part of me. While we talk and share everything with each other, the vital part of it is that we keep each other really grounded."

Talking about her love for yoga, Malaika said: "I was introduced to yoga about five years ago and slowly grew fond of it. I always had that preconceived notion it is very slow and is for the elderly, but to my experience, any age group fits into the yoga genre."

Malaika opened up about her life in an episode of "Not Just Supper Stars,” which airs in India on Zee Cafe.

When host Gunjan Utreja asked about her thoughts on her iconic song "Chaiyya chaiyya,” she said: "It was extremely scary, but I loved the experience. It was the only time I danced on a moving train."

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