The legendary Mammootty stars in “Mamangam,” set in Kerala. (photo provided)

MUMBAI — India is known for its rich culture and mythology, which has been shown in several cinematic classics in the past.

The film “Mamangam,” which stars the legendary Mammootty, will recreate one such story from Kerala. This is possibly the first Malayalam film to be dubbed in Hindi along with Tamil and Telugu versions.

“Mamangam” will showcase Mammootty as a mysterious character, in a never- seen-before avatar and also Kalari, the oldest martial arts form in the world, unlike anything seen on screen before.

Said Mammootty: “We are a diverse country. But our history shouldn’t be left unknown to others due to the language barrier. Kerala’s history is also India’s history. And I feel cinema is one medium that can break these barriers and connect us. I hope the entire country gets to see and know something that is all of our histories.”

Venu Kunnapilly, who is producing the film, says, “We have picked up a true story from 1695 about the legendary Chavers who went to kill the Zamorin during “Mamangam” and have created a visually empowering cinematic experience for everyone to witness. We also have a 12-year-old playing a character from history, who is doing action like never before in Indian cinema.”

Kavya Film Company presents “Mamangam: History of the Brave.” Produced by Kunnapilly and directed by M. Padmakumar, the film is set to release Nov. 21.

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