Singer Neha Bhasin is seen at Mumbai's Bandra on March 8. (IANS photo)

MUMBAI — "Nai Jaana" fame singer Neha Bhasin has acccused music composer Anu Malik of predatory behaviour, and called him an "ugly pervert.”

Neha took to social media Oct. 30 and posted a series of tweets, calling out Anu for making her uncomfortable several times.

"We do live in a very sexist world. Anu Malik is a predator, I too have run away from his strange moves when I was 21. I didn't let myself get into a sticky situation beyond him lying on a sofa in front of me talking about my eyes in a studio," she tweeted.

"I fled, lying that my mum is waiting below. He even messaged and called me after that to which I stopped responding. The point is I went to give him my cd and hope for a chance at a song.” 

He was older and shouldn’t have behaved the way he did. Anu Malik is an ugly pervert," added Neha.

Last year, Anu Malik was removed from the jury panel of "Indian Idol" after being accused of sexual misconduct by singers Sona Mohapatra and Shweta Pandit.

However, he has been re-inducted as one of the judges on the current season, a move that has raised the ire of several female singers, especially Sona.

Neha, who is the latest to join the protest against Anu Malik, also said that industry was not an easy place.

"The industry or the world was not an easy place as a young girl alone away from family due to many such incidents or getting a hunch of such perverts.” 

“Perverts exist inside and outside our industry but why are we so forgiving to the men, do we realize that is what gives them the strength to ruin our dignity, hide us women in our houses.”

“I hid many times so as to not get myself in a sticky situation. Why is it ok? For a man who is predator to walk free while we hide in shame and fear," Neha wrote.

Neha also slammed Sony TV, which airs "Indian Idol", for bringing back Anu Malik on the show.

"Anu Malik has been accused several times. I don't know why he is so precious to them (Sony TV).Or why so many men here are supporting him. Power tripping was a thing of the 90s... so look out perverts, we are not scared," she added.

Apart from calling out Anu Malik, Sona Mohapatra has also slammed singer Sonu Nigam for supporting the composer.

"Sonu Nigam championed the cause of Anu Malik publicly and his right to be earning millions on national TV while saying he's his mothers son etc to justify his understanding of India MeToo. Had called Ram Sampath to 'keep me in check' while calling me a 'terrorist.’ Must be happy now (sic)," Sona wrote on Twitter.

In the past, Anu Malik has also been accused by singers Alisha Chinai and Caralisa Monteiro.

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