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A scene from “Pyaar Mohabbat, Happy Lucky.” (ConsultRGB photo)

MUMBAI — Sony YAY! the popular kids’ entertainment channel and home to a host of kids' favorite shows like “Honey Bunny Ka Jholmaal,” "Paapometer" and "KickO," is known to bring unlimited entertainment and laughter to the lives of kids.

Staying true to this promise, the channel adds yet another comedy show, "Pyaar Mohabbat, Happy Lucky" to its line-up, starting Aug. 17. This new hilarious chase comedy offers kids a chance to take an epic mischief-filled ride with the lead characters Happy and Lucky. The channel brings the mischievous Jodi who will enthrall kids with their tongue-in-cheek banter and adventure-filled tales.

Sony YAY! aims to foster a strong connect for the characters of Happy-Lucky with the channel’s fan-base, Thanks to their impeccable comic timings and witty comebacks. The show tracks the journey of Happy and Lucky - the neighbors who believe in giving each other a taste of their own medicine through their daily mischief against each other, leaving the audience in splits.

Along with the mischievous duo, they will also witness the funny banter with their friends – Bunty, the Bull and Pappu, who live with them in the countryside. Together they will create a hilarious story in each episode leading to an engaging comedy of errors.

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