He is a mechanical engineer with a degree from Coimbatore Institute of Technology. He later worked for TCS, before his passion for cinema came calling. So when life took him to Australia five years ago, Anucharan pursued a one-year animation course at the University of Technology in Sydney. He also did the popular Animation Mentor Online program from the US, where renowned faculty from studios like Pixar, take online lessons. Now, several short films later, the 28-year-old Anucharan makes his Tamil debut with "Kirumi," produced by JPR Kovai Films.

After directing 10 TV shows on Australia’s Foxtel Channel, 20 music videos and reaching the semi finals with his short films at the Trop Fest in Sydney, Anucharan is now making a Tamil film. He recalls, “I had come to Chennai for my sister’s wedding. Manikandan, the director of "Kaakka Muttai," is a close friend who introduced me to my producers because he knew I had several scripts in mind. I came here just for a visit, but now it has been six months and "Kirumi" is almost complete.”

The star cast fell in place when he met G V Prakash who encouraged him to direct when he heard the script. Kathir, the hero of Kirumi, was also part of GV Prakash’s "Madha Yaanai Kootam."

Anucharan says, "It's a realistic drama with elements of a psychological thriller. 90 per cent of it takes place in Chennai while some shooting has taken place in Puducherry and Kovalam too. It’s based on something I saw when I was roaming on the streets of Chennai."

Reshmi Menon is playing his leading lady in the film, which deals with the problems a lower-middle class boy runs into after an incident in his life.

So why did he pursue an animation course when he wanted to make films? Anucharan explains, “Animation isn't just about moving figures. It teaches you a lot about direction. The tiniest movement is controlled and the director has to be aware of everything. So, it taught me a lot of discipline and detailing.”

Anucharan still has plans to return to Australia after "Kirumi" releases. He has two scripts waiting to be shot there. But he also wants to return to Kollywood soon. “My head is brimming with over 50 story ideas right now. My aim is to make simple movies in all genres.”

- New Indian Express

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