Reviving the memories of his film, Prabhas takes a car and bike from “Saaho” as a memento. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Celebrities are often seen keeping a certain symbolic object as a souvenir from their film sets. However, Baahubali Superstar Prabhas breaks records in even keeping memories as he takes home a car and a bike from “Saaho.”

The much-loved actor will be seen in a daunting power-packed avatar for his upcoming action thriller “Saaho,” which would witness him performing high octane stunts involving cars, bikes and trucks.

Reviving the memories of his film, Prabhas takes a car and bike from “Saaho” as a memento.

The dedicated performer is known to invest his entire self for his films. The actor not only develops strong affinity towards the people he works but also creates fondness for the objects on the set. A testimony of the same is his takeaway from the upcoming “Saaho.”

Prabhas believes that the things are a part of the film's journey and hence keeps them to remind him the hard work and passion involved in its making.

He will be seen fighting rain, dust, car, and bike is leaving no stone unturned to perfect his action sequences. The actor is making sure he is following a strict diet and tremendous workout routine to maintain a sleek look.

Winning hearts of the audience across quarters with humongous success of “Baahubali” franchise, Prabhas has generated immense curiosity amongst cine-goers to witness the epitome of a high tech action thriller “Saaho.”

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