"VIP 2," featuring Kajol and Dhanush, has struck gold at the box office and Dhanush has confirmed that the third part of the franchise is in the offing. (Dhanush/Twitter photo)

CHENNAI—Actor Dhanush has confirmed the third part in the "VIP" franchise is on the cards and that he will return to act in it.

Basking in the success of "VIP 2," Dhanush said at the success meet event here on Aug. 16 that the third part is in the offing.

"We will definitely make 'VIP 3, ' and I will act in it. I'll write the story, but we don't know yet who will direct it," Dhanush told the media.

Asked if Soundarya Rajinikanth, who helmed "VIP 2," will return to direct the next part, he said: "We haven't decided it. I'll let the story decide who can direct at that point."

"VIP 2," also featuring Kajol, has struck gold at the box office.

According to producer Kalaipuli Thanu, the film grossed over Rs 25 crore in its opening weekend worldwide.

"The film has turned out to be one of the most successful Tamil films of this year. In the US, the film's opening has earned Dhanush a place among the top ten actors," he said.

Thanu also said the Hindi version of the film is scheduled to release on Aug. 18 in around 1600 screens.

The Telugu version is slated for release on Aug. 25.


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