Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan hinted at his political debut and serving the nation at the finale of the Tamil version of reality show "Bigg Boss.” (IANS photo)

CHENNAI—Actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan, who has been in the news for his plans of a political debut, said he is prepared to die while serving the nation.

Haasan spoke of it at the finale of the Tamil version of reality show "Bigg Boss," which marked his television debut. It came to an end on Sept. 30.

On the occasion, he made his political entry very clear.

"I'm definitely coming there," Haasan said, pointing towards audiences.

"I'm not exploiting this stage. I'm speaking from the bottom of my heart. If you think I should continue acting, then say it aloud. If you think I need to serve the society and bring about a change, say it now. I'm prepared to die in service of my nation," he said.

As the host of the show, Kamal Haasan won over audiences over the course of last few months.

He congratulated all the participants of the show. Aarav emerged as the winner and took home prize money worth Rs 50 lakh.

The show premiered on June 25 with 19 contestants. Despite stirring up controversies initially, the show gained popularity in no time and registered highest television ratings for several weeks for the channel Star Vijay.

Kamal Haasan also revealed the show garnered a total of over seven crore votes.

"If 10 percent of these votes are properly voted, we can see a significant change in our society."

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