‘Narayan Lucky’ Says He Is Inspired by Prakash Raj, Raghuvaran


Remember the cool guy who makes fun of Hansika in the movie “Oru Kal Oru Kannadi” in a restaurant? Yes, Narayan, a.k.a. Narayan Lucky, tickled the funny bone with his remarks about the character of Hansika in the Udhayanidhi Stalin-starrer. CinemaLead caught up with him for a brief interview.

About his initial days …

I am a movie fan and my passion for movies were triggered by my grandmother. She had a huge collection of old MGR Sivaji movies and I spent my childhood watching all of them.

Later in college, I went on to watch all Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan movies like any other college goer. After finishing my MBA, I joined as a marketing head for Inox. It was then that my elder brother acted as Madhavan’s friend in Mani Ratnam’s “Alaipayuthe.” I was surprised to see him on the screen as he looked completely different in the big screen. I was inspired my him to do movies.

I got some good contacts while in Inox and one of director Saran’s assistants told me that K.V. Guhan was conducting auditions for the movie “Inithu Inithu.” Later we met Prakash Raj sir and I tried to impress him with my talkative nature.

Of the 2,000 artists they auditioned, they shortlisted about 16 and finally K.V. Guhan asked me to quit my marketing job at Inox so that I could fully concentrate on acting. It was a tough decision to make, but I quit my job. When “Inithu Inithu” was released, I thought it was an average film at the box office. But people recognized me for the Tyson character that I played.

After “Inithu inithu,” I played selective roles in films like “Payanam,” where I played a drug addict. While I was working as a marketing head in Ampa Skywalk, the movie “Oru Kal Oru Kannadi” (OK OK) happened.

About the scene in OKOK

Director Rajesh told me that he initially wanted to rope in Jiiva or Arya for that scene. But as he wanted to give a fresh feel to the scene he asked me to do the role. When I was doing the scene, I know that it would click well at the theatres and the team was also confident about it. Thanks to Rajesh for such a hilarious situation.

Your inspiration to get into acting?

More than a fan, I used to love the characters essayed by our heroes. I love all the good characters played by top heroes including Rajini, Kamal, Ajith, Vijay, Suriya and Vikram. When it comes to character artists, Prakash Raj sir and Raghuvaran are my big inspiration. Prakash Raj sir was the producer of my debut movie and the way he brings in variation in roles are amazing. For example, his character in “Ghilli” was almost equal to the hero. Similarly the way Raghuvaran did his character in “Udhayam.”

You have done very limited movies. How do you take it when you don’t get the recognition as any celebrity dream?

Irrespective of the role of a hero, villain or comedian, I have always wanted to choose good characters. As I’m having a back-up job, what I’m trying is to be very selective and I don’t bother much about recognition. I want to act in good cinema and in good roles.

Tell us about your future films.

My immediate next would be “Boologam,” where I come in the college sequence. It will be an important point in the movie. Currently I am doing a movie called “CSK,” where I’m playing one of the leads with a negative shade. I am also part of a comical thriller “Thiranthidu Sesame,” which is being directed by Shankar’s assistant Muthu. I’m also doing a Malayalam movie titled, “Bad Boys with Parthieban.”

Courtesy CinemaLead

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