File photo of actor Rajinikanth. (IANS photo)

HYDERABAD – Superstar Rajinikanth was Dec. 27 discharged from Apollo Hospital here, where he was admitted Dec. 25 with severe fluctuations in blood pressure.

The hospital said the actor was discharged after an improvement in his medical condition. The actor later left for Chennai.

It said in a statement that he was admitted with severe hypertension and exhaustion.

“He was kept under close medical supervision and treated by a team of doctors. His blood pressure has been stabilized and he is feeling much better. In view of his improved medical condition, he is being discharged from the hospital today,” it said.

In view of his post-transplant status, labile hypertension and age, the doctors have advised him complete bed rest for one week with regular monitoring of blood pressure. He was also advised to undertake minimal physical activity and to avoid stress.

He has also been counselled to avoid any activity that increases the risk of contracting Covid-19, the hospital added.

Earlier, the hospital in the medical bulletin released Dec. 27 morning revealed that there was nothing alarming in the test reports of Rajinikanth.

The actor was shooting for the Tamil film, “Annaatthe,” in Hyderabad for the last 10 days.

A couple of people on the film’s set had tested positive for Covid-19. Rajinikanth was tested Dec. 22 for Covid but was negative. Since then, he had isolated himself and was being monitored closely.

Though he did not have any symptoms of Covid-19, his blood pressure showed sever fluctuations and needed further evaluation for which he was admitted to the hospital.

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