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Actor Aamir Dalvi has a compulsive tendency to take his (negative or otherwise) characters to unimaginable heights of fury. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Aamir Dalvi’s recent stint as Wazir in the SAB TV show “Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga” has won him with the Best Actor In A Negative Role – Male award.

Dalvi has a compulsive tendency to take his (negative or otherwise) characters to unimaginable heights of fury. And yes, the audiences love him. He said, “I agree the competition was real tough. I attended the award function just for the fact that I was being nominated. Every actor yearns for accolades, bouquets and of course awards. My trophy cabinet (!) has ample of awards won for my other passion, which is Dirt Bike racing, but this one surely holds a special place in my heart. It’s thrilling to know that the audiences love my character and took pains to vote for me.”

Asked how he managed to take the character to such heights, Dalvi candidly revealed his ‘modus operandi.’ “On the work front, I do try to take the character to the next level with my own visualization,” he said. “My endeavor has always been to be a badass who is feared. I would say I am a schizophrenic actor. I add multiple disorder shades to the character, I work on the dialogue delivery, and of course, the result is appreciated by the audiences. As for the TRPs shooting up, it’s the channel heads who would be able to answer that question.”

While most male actors complain of not getting brilliant characters in television serials, Dalvi has been fortunate to bag powerful roles every time. “I have accepted only challenging and diverse roles,” he noted. “As for get-ups, I was inspired a lot by Hrithik Roshan in “Dhoom:2.” I loved the manner in which he changed his body language with every get-up. Even Irrfan Khan brings in some amazing changes to his roles.”

Dalvi is open to good roles in short films and web series, and concludes, “My track with my current show will continue for long. But I do have some spare dates that I will give out only for that kickass project which comes my way.”

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