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A sill from six-episode Marathi web series “Aani Kaay Hava.” (YouTube screenshot photo)

MUMBAI—Marriages are full of firsts – the first time you cook together, the first festival you celebrate as a couple, your first major fight, the down payment for your first car and the joy of buying your first house. This monsoon, it’s raining love as dynamic duo Priya Bapat and Umesh Kamat reunite for the Marathi web series “Aani Kaay Hava,” seven years after the release of their acclaimed film “Time Please” along with producer Anish Jog. This six-episodic series is directed by Varun Narvekar of “Muramba” fame.

With this light-hearted romantic saga, MX Player, the free streaming platform, builds its regional content library. All episodes of the series will stream for free on the App that is available to download on Android, IoS and Amazon Fire TV.

Kamat said, “Priya and I are ecstatic to reunite on screen after seven years. We really missed our on-screen presence together and so when we were approached for ‘Aani Kaay Hava,’ we both immediately agreed to be part of the show. The narrative beautifully captures the small yet precious nuances of a married couple and traces the firsts that every couple experiences.”

“This is a story about you, me and all of us who believe in finding companionship for life and in the overall institution of marriage. Saket and Jui are both trying to adjust to this new role of being married and falling more in love with each other – one day at a time. The storyline is very simple and will surely touch the heart of its viewers, as it did mine,” added Bapat.

Narvekar concluded, “I wanted to capture the ‘firsts’ that couples go through with an intricacy and care that will truly leave you with a smile on your face. It has been a wonderful experience shooting for this series, and I am thrilled to be working with such talented actors who brought the script alive with such nuanced performances.”

Watch the show's trailer here.

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