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“Dev 2,” featuring Aashish Chowdhary, will air every Monday to Thursday at 10.30pm ET and 7.30 PM PT. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Aapka Colors now brings the second season of the investigative thriller, “Dev 2.” The show will air every Monday to Thursday at 10.30pm ET and 7.30 PM PT.

Detective Dev Burman thinks like a criminal, is at home around a crime scene and possesses an iron-clad will to rid the city of nefarious wrongdoers. He returns for a second explosive season. Dev is an investigator with a past who is challenged to piece together the biggest mystery: his own life.

Aashish Chowdhary reprises the titular role and is joined by Jigyasa Singh, Pooja Bannerjee, Amit Dolawat and Joyshree Arora in pivotal roles. The show is produced by Peninsula Productions and IMRC Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Manisha Sharma, programming head, Aapka Colors, said, “Crime as a genre is big in the rest of the world, but in India, we have just one or two shows of such nature in the Hindi General Entertainment space. ‘Dev’ was our endeavor to open up the gates to such genres. The plot is very real, and youngsters and big city dwellers will be able to relate to it completely. Dev’s character has been very interestingly etched out, where on one hand he wants to save the world at any cost, but, on the other hand, he must battle with his personal demons. The show has slick production values and deals with modern-day crime scenarios like stalking young girls.”

The show is action-packed and filled with multiple twists that trace Dev’s journey back to his past and its implications in his life in the present day. His reclusive persona and intuitive approach, and most of all, his tragic love life struck a chord with the viewers in the last season, inspiring the makers to come out with a second one. The thriller is the perfect amalgamation of mystery, drama, action, and emotion that will witness Dev battling con artists, sociopaths, psychopaths and revenge junkies.

Aashish Chowdhary said, “My character has changed from season 1. Earlier Dev was known for his quirks and wit but, as people have seen, he was deceived by his close ones and carries a lot of baggage. Due to his past experiences, his behavior has changed, so the audience will witness a whole new side of him. I am happy that “Dev” is now a franchise and we hope to continue receiving the love and support from our viewers.”

Pooja Bannerjee said, “Mehak’s character is multi-layered, which is what draws me back to the show. I am happy to be back to work with the cast, which is now like a family.”

Jigyasa Singh added, “This is the first time that I am entering a show of this genre, and it is both stimulating and challenging for me. It has been a fascinating experience shooting with the cast.”

Playing the role of Inspector Amod Narvekar, Amit Dolawat said, “My character, with his love and hate equation with Dev, is surely one of the USPs of this season. Navrekar will display many emotions – on the one hand; he will have a softer or more romantic side while on the other hand, he will be more intense and powerful.”

As penance for acting against the law, Dev now works as a police consultant – rather unwillingly. His relationship with his pregnant wife is now even in murkier territory as he believes she is in cohorts with his estranged father. To add to this, Dev is also trying to find answers for the mystery of his missing mother.

A child on the way with a woman he hates to love and working with a new sharp, young female protégé Dhwani – will detective Dev be able to navigate through cases and piece together the biggest case of his own tragic life? “Dev 2” answers that question.

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