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Tina Datta (left) and Aashka Goradia managed to develop a close bond with each other in a very short time. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Actress Aashka Goradia, who entered &TV’s “Daayan” as the powerful and vibrant Satrupa, recently bid an adieu to the entire cast and crew of the show. Though the actress has been shooting with the entire team for only three months, she has built some strong bonds with the cast and crew members, who bid her a teary-eyed farewell.

Making this moment nothing short of a pleasant surprise was none other than actress Tinaa Datta, who in a very short time managed to develop a close bond with Goradia. Not only did she arrange for cake-cutting in her green room, but she also invited Goradia’s husband, Brent Goble, to be a part of this emotional moment.

Overwhelmed with all the pleasant memories created on the sets, Goradia said, “Supernatural has always been one of my favorite genres, and &TV’s ‘Daayan’ definitely added to the thrill of working in this space. As much as I enjoyed essaying Satrupa, I also loved creating her and designing her looks. It definitely was one of the most interesting and fun highlights of my character. I am thankful to the writers and the creative team for giving me the liberty to play my character on my own free will. So here’s a big shout-out to the entire unit, as they have been so supportive, and great to work with. I am going to dearly miss working with the entire cast, especially Tinaa, who has become a really close friend. A special thanks to her for making my farewell such a cherishing memory.”

Sharing some memories, Datta added, “Aashka is a dear friend, and while we have known each other from before, we connected deeply while shooting. From discussing our scenes and characters to sharing our healthy food tiffins, our journey as co-actors has been truly splendid, and I am really going to miss her presence on set. She was not just a friend who would help me discover my character in the best way, but also a confidante with who I could share my secrets with. I hope to work with her again sometime soon.”

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