Actress Rashmi Desai's rumoured boyfriend and model Arhaan Khan is the latest contestant to be evicted from "Bigg Boss season 13,” and he is in "complete shock.” (photo via IANS)

MUMBAI (IANS) — Arhaan Khan has reacted to his girlfriend and contestant Rashmi Desai's comment about the former "Bigg Boss 13" contestant not being her "type.”

According to a new task, TV actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee has entered the house as Rashmi's connection.

While talking to Devoleena, Rashmi in an episode had said that Arhaan is not her type.

According to, Arhaan has reacted to the comment and said that their relationship is not so weak and that the two are connected emotionally.

According to the portal, he said: "Rashmi has not said that 'I am ending my relationship with Arhaan.’ So, people should not think that. She said that she will talk to me once she is outside the house. And this is what she had told me when I was there. Our relationship is not so weak and we are connected emotionally.”

"When I came out of the house she cried a lot. That means we mean a lot to each other. We are handling it maturely by not talking about it in the "Bigg Boss" house. I don't know why people are talking and making a scene about it," Arhaan added.

This week, a new twist will put the contestants' connections to test. Following the family week this will be the "connections week,” wherein the friends and family members of the contestants will enter the "Big Boss" house for a week to support them in their tasks.

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