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‘Big Boss’ contestant Shehnaz Kaur Gill with Vishal Aditya Singh. (photo provided)

MUMBAI — The “Bigg Boss” house has always revealed many different shades and back stories of the contestants and viewers just can’t stop asking for more in its 13th season. Punjabi actor, model and singer Shehnaz Kaur Gill, the “crowned” entertainer of the house, has now earned a loyal fan-base. In the recent clip of “Unseen Undekha” on VOOT, she revealed some unknown facts about her life.

When co-contestant Vishal Aditya Singh, a recent wild-card entry on “Bigg Boss,” asked her who she was more close to among her parents, she replied, “Yeh pooch main kisko maanti hoon (Ask me who is my idol)” and added,  “Mummy ko, kyoon ki woh meri jaan hain (Mummy, because she is my life)!”

Singh then asked if everything was okay at her home, and Gill answered that things were alright now, but that she had left home a while ago as she was upset. What she said in Hindi was, “Pehle nahin tha, ab sahi hai. Ab main jaoongi na, sabse pehle ghar hi jaoongi. Pehle main hi naaraaz ho gayi thi aur khud hi chali gayi thi naraazgi ke baad.”

Later in the conversation, Gill revealed that she did not even complete her college studies. “Third year complete hi nahin kiya maine. Industry main aa gayi. (I did not complete the last year of my education as I came into this profession).” She added that she did not rank education as important as she had started working and earning.

Singh acknowledged that the controversial Gill’s latest Punjabi music video “Veham” was a hit with almost 25,000,000 views and that anchor Salman Khan had acknowledged this on the show. 

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