Bigg Boss

Actor and reality television show “Big Boss” Season 12 host Salman Khan on the sets of the show's 'Weekend Ka Vaar' episode. (IANS photo)

MUMBAI— With a double eviction this week, “Bigg Boss” is precisely three weeks away from the finale and the competition is only getting tougher and nastier to say the least.

This week was a rough one with a few people losing their cool and having a showdown. Just when Sreesanth’s bathroom antics weren’t enough, Deepak joined him in the madness this week with some self-destruction over losing the captaincy task and being back-stabbed by Rohit.

This week’s “Weekend Ka Vaar” was a rather tense one for contestants and audience alike, as Salman Khan was in no mood to spare the inmates for their wrongdoings. He pulled up Surbhi, Rohit, and Sreesanth for their irrational behavior and later left the viewers amused as he cornered Karanvir and Surbhi for an episode that was not aired on television but put up on the channel’s digital platform as an unseen footage.

The video that appeared harmless to many but ruffled few feathers had Surbhi and Karanvir having a casual fun conversation in the garden area, where the contestants had hung their undergarments to dry. Surbhi, in playful manner, dodged one piece of cloth and Karanvir put it on his head in good spirits. It seemed to be a light moment in the house of wars, but Khan questioned them as it had hurt many sentiments. Though Karanvir was not entirely at fault, the actor still apologized.

But “Bigg Boss” loyalists were left upset, and a major section of the fans found it unnecessary. Many took to Twitter to express their dismay. What is interesting and made it worse was another video that has been floating online wherein the show host, as a part of a fun act that involves a suitcase, is unpacking and is teasing the audience holding a bikini. This made some people question the double standards of the show’s makers.

“This is just so unfair whatever KVB does is always taken as he is wrong and negative! This is clearly evident now that KVB is becoming the target cause he is strong ! Unfair and how Bigg Boss this year @BeingSalmanKhan @ColorsTV @BiggBoss” said one fan’s tweet, while another said, “Whatever KVB does is always negative and wrong !! Please explain why?? he is strong and loved by all maybe that’s why so unfair and bias ! Horrible Bigg Boss this year @ColorsTV @BeingSalmanKhan @BiggBoss.”

Well, well, looks like trouble for the “Bigg Boss” and its host!

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