Shilpa Shinde

"Bigg Boss 11" winner Shilpa Shinde has said she never wants to meet the show's first runner-up, Hina Khan. (IANS photo)

MUMBAI— Unlike Hina Khan, “Bigg Boss 11” winner Shilpa Shinde is not in a mood to forget or forgive what happened between her and first runner-up Khan inside the house in these past 105 days. The fights between Shinde and Khan, a strong player inside the house, were many and bitter.

While Khan has claimed that the fights in the house got over as soon as the show did, Shinde has said she never wants to meet the actor again. She has now claimed in an interview that Khan “treated her like a servant.” She told the Mumbai tabloid Mid-Day in an interview, “It’s not easy to cook for 20 people. If I made extra food, they would complain; if it fell short, it was again an issue. Hina squirmed if the food was stale. Despite doing everything I could, she wasn’t appreciative.”

She also talked to a news agency about her journey on the show. “See, in the last 15 years, people did not love me, but loved the characters that I played. They did not know how I am in real life. So now, everyone, who voted for me, know my real self.”

Talking about her future plans, Shinde had declared after the reality show finale, “I would rather explore the medium of films than television. After working for so many years, the way few people of the industry (referring to the producers of “Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai”) treated me, I am disheartened. I do not wish to work in the TV industry anymore.”

In 2016, she left the show due to issues with the producers. She had also reportedly filed a complaint of sexual harassment against producer Sanjay Kohli. Since the actress came out openly in the media and spoke about her experience, she faced trouble in getting work. The producers, on the other hand, accused her of being unprofessional and throwing her weight around.

Having started her career in 1999, Shinde had earlier acted in many shows before “Bhabhi Ji” made her famous. She said that she was always confident that she would clinch the trophy. “My confidence did not come from the number of fans I had before entering the house. I am always confident that I am a good person. I have a lot of patience and tolerance, so I was confident to fight the game on that basis,” she said.

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