MUMBAI — &TV’s popular dance reality show, “High Fever…Dance Ka Naya Tevar,” bestowed the winning honors to the popular dancing Jodi — Delhi’s Tara Prasad and Sikkim’s Nisha Rasaily July 29.

Apart from winning the hearts of the audience, they also walked away with a check worth Rs. 10 lakh. The show introduced some of the most unique and best dancing jodis from across the nation, wowing viewers with their spectacular dance performances. Surpassing standards of dance week after week, the grand finale culminated with these jodis creating magic on stage with their ability to showcase heart-touching stories through their acts.

After honing their skill for months, the jodis that battled it out in the grand finale were also Faizan-Likhit, Tejas-Anshul and Akash-Suraj. While Tara-Nisha won the grand prize, Faizan-Likhit were the first runners-up and Tejas-Anshul were the second runners-up. They were awarded prize money of Rs. 5 lakh and Rs. 3 lakh, respectively, with trophies.

A special gratification of Rs. 2 lakh was awarded to Akash-Sooraj, who won the maximum ‘golden hammers’ week on week and displayed superlative dancing. The show was presented by Kurkure and Lloyd while Good Knight Active Plus was the powered by sponsor.

“Just friends” Tara and Nisha have been consistently the top performers of the show and were known for their undeniable chemistry. The unique blend of Tara’s strengths in ballet and salsa, with Nisha’s prowess in Indian classical and ‘Bollywood music’ (sic) played a part in bringing them closer to the coveted trophy.

Tara has several years of dancing experience, both in learning and teaching various forms such as salsa, bachata, ballet, hip-hop and contemporary. He started learning dance at a very early age and has single-mindedly pursued his passion over the years. His grace, flexibility and rhythm sets him apart and makes him a highly sought-after professional dancer.

On winning the title, Tara Prasad said, “I have devoted the majority of my life to dance and I am overwhelmed by the outpour of love that I have received after winning this trophy along with Nisha. “High Fever” is the biggest milestone of our careers and I only hope that we go upward from here on.”

An overwhelmed Nisha added, “I have performed on innumerable stages, but the “High Fever” stage has given me so much more than just a trophy. I am taking home a world of learning, new skills to enhance my dancing abilities, a treasure-trove of memories and friends for a lifetime. I am thankful to my family who cheered me on throughout my journey and the judges along with our choreographers, who have supported us immensely. This is the happiest day of my life!”

Nisha, who hails from Sikkim, has dancing genes and went on to train herself away from home. She later became a noteworthy choreographer and performed all over the country.

Among judges, an ecstatic Ahmed Khan said, “Tara and Nisha are one of the best dancing jodis I have met till now. This journey of 20 weeks has brought us from being complete strangers to becoming a family. They have a unique style of dance and passion for their profession. Winning this show can earn them their biggest break and I’m sure they will make their mark in the industry.”

Esha Gupta added, “I am extremely proud of the winners. Tara and Nisha have been one of the strongest contenders on the show and their chemistry as dancers has been fabulous. The emotions in their performances have always left us mesmerized. Over a span of a few weeks, I have seen them grow considerably and their journey has truly been inspirational. I hope to see this amazing jodi on the big screen soon.”

Judge Salman Yusuff Khan shared, “Being a part of this show has given me many new faces to cheer for, and Tara-Nisha have always surprised me with their dancing talent and unique chemistry. They have definitely won many hearts, but moving forward, the journey for them is only going to get much tougher. I wish them all the luck in the world for their careers.”

True to its name, “High Fever…Dance Ka Naya Tevar” closed its curtains on a high note, adding two new jewels to the world of dance.

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