TV Main Bhi Ardhangini

Actor Avinash Sachdev plays the lead in &TV’s “Main Bhi Ardhangini.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI—&TV’s new fiction show in the romantic drama space, “Main Bhi Ardhangini” is an unusual love story. Avinash Sachdev, Anjali Priya and Aditi Rawat are the leads in the show. Recently Sachdev made an interesting revelation – that he always wanted to be an air-force pilot. During his childhood and growing-up years, he aspired to serve the country in this, and his father even wished for him to be an IPS officer.

Sachdev, who has made his mark as a brilliant actor and has had a good run on television featuring in most of the popular shows, wanted to secure admission at the Army School in Nashik. However, the actor did not pass the eyesight test. Not losing hope, the actor looked ahead, vetted his options and chose a career in modeling and acting.

During one of his voyages to Ladakh, he stopped by an Army canteen and saw pictures and messages written on small notes and stickers. The actor was so inspired to see them that he left a message too. Said Sachdev, “It really motivated me to write a small note beside the other notes and stickers that had messages written on them. I wrote a note to the nation that I hope I get to serve the country and armed forces in my next birth, be it in the air-force, navy or army. It gives me immense happiness to see young children pursue education to join the armed forces and secure our nation from all the external evils. My trip to Ladakh and the stopover at the canteen was very liberating as it gave me a chance to make a promise to Mother India.”

Sachdev believes that destiny chose him to serve Indian audiences differently through his profession as an actor. The actor is set to make a comeback on television after a year with &TV’s “Main Bhi Ardhangini” as Madhav. Madhav is madly in love with Chitra (Anjali Priya), his wife, who is no more. It is difficult for Madhav to live without Chitra, and seeing him suffer, his childhood friend Vaidehi (Aditi Rawat) comes to help him overcome his loss. Seeing Vaidehi’s efforts to help Madhav, Chitra’s spirit starts to help Vaidehi to fight against Nilambari (Madhav’s stepmother) who wants to harm her stepson.

The serial went on air Jan. 21 on &TV.

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