TV Actors Holi

Sony Television shows’ actresses left to right (top): Toral Rasputra, Sameksha Singh, Donal Bisht, and left to right (bottom): Tejasswi Prakash, and Ashi Singh. (photo provided)

MUMBAI— Here are quotes for Holi from actresses who work on Sony shows.

Toral Rasputra, who plays Baija in “Mere Sai”:

“I believe in enjoying a safe and eco-friendly Holi. This year I have plans to celebrate it with my family and to gorge on lots of sweets. I also strongly feel we should not waste water during this festival.”

Tejasswi Prakash, who plays Diya in “Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya”:

“The most memorable Holi was with my brothers as kids. We used to fill balloons with colored water and then burst them on each other. It used to be a family get- together and now, festivals are the days when you can truly get away from your busy schedule. This year’s Holi celebration is going to be a close-knit affair and I will be spending quality time with my family and close friends. I now believe in saving water, and I have stopped playing Holi with colors as they affect your skin. My skincare routine for Holi is to apply a lot of oil before going out.”

Donal Bisht, who plays Sharanya in “Ek Deewaana Tha”:

“I love the festival of colors. I love celebrating all the festivals at home with my family and friends. Holi is a festival best celebrated with your school and childhood friends. It’s a lovely feeling to get soaked and run around with colored clothes and hair (!!). The entire celebration is incomplete without a band to play music so that we can dance to hit film songs. I am from Delhi and different stalls would be set up during the festival time. We would visit our friend’s place and throw color on everyone.

“A special memory is when my mother used to make ghujias on the occasion and a night before the festival we would coax all the members to sit together to help make it. I am not sure if I will be going home to celebrate Holi this year. I hope I am able to do so.”

Ashi Singh, who plays Naina in “Yeh Un Dion Ki Baat Hai”: –

“This year I will celebrate Holi with my “Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai’ team in the ‘90s style (???). We even plan to have a dance party on ’90s songs on the sets and use ‘gulaal.’ Last year, Holi was a memorable one because I got to celebrate it with my friends. On Holi, I always take extensive care of my skin and apply mustard oil in my hair to safeguard it.”

Sonarika Bhadoria, who plays Mrinal in “Prithvi Vallabh”:

“When I was a little kid, I used to love the Holi celebrations, which used to be very organic. My mother had the habit of playing with ‘chandan’ (sandalwood) and she used to grind flowers and makes colors. When I grew up, I stopped celebrating as I noticed the celebrations had become very disrespectful towards women. The last time I played Holi was when I was 9 or 10 years old. We will be shooting during Holi, so I plan to get ‘chandan’ and celebrate with my co-actors. I also love the idea of ‘Holi ka Dehen,’ also known as ‘Chhoti Diwali’ because of its concept and history. This means that good wins over bad.”

Sameksha Singh who plays Olympia in “Porus”:

“I recall the Holi when few of my friends made me try ‘bhaang’ and it turned out to be a hilarious experience. We all started dancing and laughing and got to know about it the very next day when my friends told me about it. It was so much fun and we still have a great laugh remembering the incident. Also, Holi also reminds me of one of the Holi songs, which I shot over five days for a Punjabi film. We had to play with colors and water for all the days. I might be shooting for my show on this Holi and would like to celebrate it with my co-actor friends. I am also going to make sweets without sugar and feed everyone.”

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